Jeff Bangma . Ice Time Proposal

By Jeff Bangma 

Ice Time - I use 4 shifts/period (8-7-8-7 action cards or computer
actions). In the 1st period, at least 11 forwards and 5 defensemen must
play a shift. That means only one forward can be double-shifted but not
on consecutive shifts. In the 2nd, 10 forwards and 5 defensemen must
play a shift. Now 2 forwards can play an extra non-consecutive shift. In
the 3rd, 9 forwards must play a shift with this exception...if, going
into the last shift of the game one team is behind by 2 goals or less
then a line can be played a second time even if you have already done so
with another line. Let me illustrate. A team trailing going into the 3rd
plays its #1 line on the first shift, #2 line on the second, goes back
to its #1 line for the third shift. According to my rules, the #3 or 4
line would have to play the last shift. However, if the team is trailing
by 2 goals or less then the #2 line can go back out for the last shift.
Same goes for the other team. With this system, the better players get
25-30 minutes/game, the rest somewhat less.
Empty Net Goals - I use the same scoring rules as for penalty shots. Any
"goalie rating", Goalie Rating+" or "X-reb" is a goal. Any split