Web site finally fixed and updated

Well after my provider shut down web sites , and then my computer crashed, it took much longer than anticipated to revive the old Gitch’s Strat-o-matic Web site.  Restored is all the season replays and gamers submission of great Strat hockey ideas.

Contributions are under the playing tips header. They are from:

Judy Goldberg – Passing chart

Kent Lundhahl. A myriad of ideas and at the site is a 55 page pdf of all his ideas.

Gord Franklin. Another guy with a ton of different ideas to make the computer hockey game more enjoyable and realistic.

John McTernan- Home Ice Advantage 0-0 Defense

Tom Nesbitt- Shorthanded skate, Home ice Advantage

Mike Glaze- Offside, two line pass, recovery time

Jeff Bangma- Ice time proposal

Myself- Creating Strat hockey cards and other ideas.