Kent Lundahl. Action Card, Charts, Ultra Super Advanced and 55 pages all his ideas.

There are many alternate rules to playing Strat-o-matic Hockey. Here are a few and their designers. Gord Franklin and Kent Lundahl have come up with many good good ones over the years.

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All of Kent’s ideas… An amazing 55 pages…. Thx, Kent Lundahl


charts and cards

Ultra Super Advanced

By Kent Lundahl:
Like many others I have looked for a way to incorporate more injuries into Strat-O-Matic Hockey then the one Split Card that Strat has incorporated. Through that process the idea for injuries from intimidation opportunities got developed. Here is how it goes, anytime an intimidation opportunity occurs were a player has a double- digit intimidation rating (10-15), he has the potential to cause an injury to the opponent being intimidated. If the player chooses to intimidate and draws a Split Card with Intimidation that falls within his range there is a possible injury to the player intimidated. Therefore, lets say that Donald Brashear (1-12, AA) has an intimidation chance on Peter Bondra (1-5, B). If Brashear draws an 11 intimidation he successfully takes the puck away and causes a possible injury to Bondra. To determine the extent of the injury utilize either a homemade injury chart or if using the Strat Injury section take whatever number of periods/games are listed on the Split Card regardless of position and team. This tip also carries well into Gord Franklin’s “Goon Rule”. With the Brashear and Bondra example, Brashear falls into the category of “Goon” and if declared as such could take all intimidation possibilities on his given shift. Therefore, whether Brashear was successful or not on the intimidation, if the Caps have a player on the ice with a C to AA penalty rating they could declare a fight with Brashear for taking a run at Bondra. This would include Bondra himself if he were not injured on the intimidation, therefore, check for injury prior to any declaration of a fight. If take away or fails to take away puck possible penalty occurs, check for penalties on Super Advanced Penalty Chart and if any matching five- minute majors are called assume that the fight occurred without a fight being declared. If matching majors are not called the option to declare a fight remains open. Furthermore, if a fight is declared there is the potential for an instigating minor and a 10-minute misconduct to the player that declared the fight. My resolve for instigator is a Split Card draw:

Penalty Rating No Penalty Instigator Penalty
AA	1-8	9-20	
A	1-10	11-20	
B	1-12	13-20	
C	1-14	15-20	

Also keep in mind that two majors in a game result in a 10-minute misconduct and three majors in one game result in a game misconduct. …. stay tuned , more to come in the months ahead.