1978-79 WHA vs European All-Stars. Czech All-Stars at Winnipeg

1978-79 WHA vs European All-Stars. Czech All-Stars 4 at Winnipeg 5. The actual game finished at 3-3 and this one was just was close. Holy Cow, what a finish!! Barry Long takes a penalty with just two minutes to play to put the vaulted Czech all stars on with the extra man. Brulclik and Stransky have been dynamite during this series on the powerplay. The Czechs did not score in the final seconds but it ended with Mattsson making two big rebound saves off of Josef Lukac. Tense was the name of the game. Exciting ending.

The Jets gets off to a quick and dominating start scoring twice in the first period and controlling the play until late. The Czechs serged back in the second period scoring three goals, but the Jets showed push back as they also scored three. The Czechs dominate the final frame limiting Winnipeg to just three shots as the Jets kept going to the penalty box all period. But the PK held strong as did goalie Markus Mattsson and the Jets win this one 5-4.

Final shots Cze 29 (4 gr) Win 25 (6 gr) Goalies: Svitana, CZE 20 saves (2/6 gr), Winn, Mattsson 25 saves (1/4 GR). Powerplays. Cze 0-6, Win 1-3  First star : W, Morris Lukowich 2- Kokrment, Cze 3- T.Ruskowski, W

  • W- M.Lukowich (Long, Ruskowski) 2:18  Br 1-9
  • W- Kent Nilsson (Long, Ruskowski) 5:16  I, GR
  • Second period
  • Cz- K. Holy (Bezak, Adamik) 4:25  I 1-17
  • W- M.Lukowich (K.Nilsson) 5:54  R, GR
  • W- STeve West (W.Lindstrom, Terbenche) 10:32  O, GR
  • Cz- Kokrment (Muller, Lycka) 13:13  I, GR
  • W- W.Lindstrom (S.West, Bobby Hull) 13:55 I,GR
  • CZ- Rohacik (Vlk) 15:33  BR,GR
  • Third period
  • Cz  Kokrment (Micka, Vlk ) 3:04  R, GR

1978. WHA Super series. Czech All-Stars at Edmonton Oilers

1978. WHA Super series. Czech All-Stars 2 at Edmonton Oilers 5. Real life the Oilers win this game 5-1. The Czechs got off to a terrific start as they scored twiced and limited the Oilers to 1 goalie rating. Crha was terrific but eventually just broke down because of all the pressure. Oilers totally dominate the second period out shooting the Czechs 17-4 but only manage one goal as again Chra was terrific. But the dam broke in the third period.. Edmonton scores four times to break open a close game and win this one 5-2. Dave Dryden stopped 26 Czech shots and was 5/6 on goalie ratings. Crha ended up with 30 saves and was 3/6 on goalie ratings. Powerplay : Cze 1-3, Edm 2-5.

  • CZ- Stransky (Holy, Belak) 0:16 O,GR
  • CZ- PPG Lycka (Brulclik) 5:40 , rebound 1-14
  • Second period
  • E- Ron Chipperfield (Flett, Schmyr) 0:11  reb 1-18
  • Third period
  • E- Peter Driscoll (C.Alexander) 1:44  reb, gr
  • E- Claire Alexander (Driscoll, Hughes) 3:09   I, GR
  • E- PPG Wayne Gretzyk (D.Sobchuk, J.Micheletti) 6:10  inside 1-14
  • E- PPG Paul Schmyr (Chipperfield, Callighen) 15:45   I, GR


1978 wha- Czech All-Stars in Quebec

1978 wha- Czech All-Stars 8 in Quebec 8 . For the second game in a row, the Quebec Nordiques wilt under pressure late in the game and instead of a big win, they pick up a tie. The Nordiques had lead 8-5 with just six minutes to play. But they give up three goals as Richard Brodeur really struggled and they tie the visiting Czech Allstars 8-8. Real life the Nords won this game 4-0. It was a tight checking game after two periods as Quebec led 4-3 and the shots were 19-18. But each team fired 11 shots in the final frame, and both teams had six goalie ratings. The goalies choked and the goals flowed. Shots finished at 30-29 Quebec and the goalie ratings were 11-9 for Quebec. Quebec as 2/3 on the powerplays, the Czechs were 1/2.

  • Q- Christian Bordeleau (S.Bernier) 9:03
  • CZ- PPG Brulclik (Stransky) 16:06
  • Second period
  • Q- PPG R. Leduc (Tardif, C.Bordeleau) 3:03
  • Q PPG G.Lariviere (P.Bordeleau, JC Tremblay) 7:59
  • CZ- Lycka (Brulclik, Kyhos) 8:16
  • CZ- Muller (Lukac) 12:26
  • Q- Geoffrion (Baxter, Leclerc) 16:23
  • Third period
  • CZ Brulclik (Stransky, Holy) 3:91
  • Q- Paulin Bordeleau( A.Cote) 6:24
  • Q- Serge Bernier (C.Bordeleau, Hoganson) 8:57
  • Q- Serge Bernier (C.Bordeleau, Hoganson) 9:30
  • CZ- Novak (Lukac, BRulclik,) 12:12
  • Q- Serge Bernier (C.Bordeleau, Brackenbury) 13:56
  • CZ- Neliba (Stransky, Holy) 14:45
  • CZ- Stransky (Neliba, Holy) 18:24
  • CZ- Brulclik (Stransky) 19:58


1978-79 WHA Super Series. Czech All-Stars vs New England Whalers

1978-79 WHA Super Series. Czech All-Stars  11 vs New England Whalers 8 ,  In real life , the Whalers win this one by a  score of 10-4.  It looked like that is how it was going to end up . But this was one of the those Strat games where the Czechs were rolling super hot dice!! Goals on 1-4, nailed a few out side shot goalie rating chances. Their goalies , who are not good, were making all sorts of key goalie rating saves. Just not the Whalers night.  Both teams really used their powerplays to advantage as each team scored three powerplay goals. The Czech all stars were 3-4 and the Whalers were 3-6.  New England had a 7-6 lead going into the third period, but relief goalie John GArrett just could not stop anything in the third period as the Czechs equalled their first two period shot total in the third period, firing 18 shots at Garrett.

Czechs score five times in that third period to pull out a miraculous 11-8 game. Stranksy had three goals for the Czechs to earn the first star. Mike Rogers was the second star scoring three times for New England. Brulclik was the third star with four points for the Czech All-Stars.  Final shots Czechs 39 (8 gr) , New England 41 (14 GR)

  • NE  Gordie Roberts (Keon, Mark Howe) 2:56  reb 1-14
  • Cz – Neliba (HOcky, Adamik) 3:36   o 1-7
  • Cz- PPG Stransky (Brulclik) 4:49  I, GR
  • NE- PPG Andre Lacroix (Mark Howe, Lyle) 10:12  I_GR
  • NE- PPG Gordie Howe (Lacroix, Mark Howe) 13:47  R 1-6
  • CZ- Lukac (Muller, Kokrment) 15:07  O,GR
  • CZ- Kokrment (Muller, Lukac) 19:05  I-GR
  • Second period
  • CZ- PPG Holy (Brulclik, Stransky) 1:31  I1-7
  • NE -PPG MIke Rogers (Gordie HOwe) 6:18  I-GR
  • NE Mike Rogers (J.McKenzie, G.Lyle) 8:21  I GR
  • NE Mike Antonovich ( Pleau, Roberts) 13:54  I GR
  • CZ Lukac (Muller, Kokrment) 15:05  O, GR
  • CZ Kokrment (Muller, Lukac) 19:05  I, GR
  • Third period
  • CZ  – Vlk (Kokrment) 1:00  O, GR
  • CZ- Brulclik (Kyhos, Lycka) 6:52  I, GR
  • NE Mike Rogers (Ron Plumb) 10:53
  • CZ PPG  Stransky (Lukac, Novy) 10:53  O, GR
  • CZ  ENG Stransky (Belak) 19:54

1978-79. WHA Birmingham Bulls at Quebec Nordiques

1978-79. WHA Birmingham Bulls 4 at Quebec Nordiques 3. The Birmingham Bulls shock the Nordiques by scoring three times in the final frame to pick up a huge 4-3 win. The Bulls had only managed 9 shots through the first two periods after being totally outplayed by the Nords. But Birmingham mustered up 12 shots and 4 goalie ratings in the final frame to pick up the win as Rick Vaive had two key points. Finals shots Birm 21 Que 30. Goalie ratings stopped Riggin 2/4 Birm.   Que: R.Broduer 2/6. Powerplays. Birm 2-4. Que 0-6.  Three Stars: 1. Rick Vaive, B  2- Craig Hartsburg, B  3- G.Lariviere, Q

  • Q- Lariviere (C.Bordeleau, Brackenbury) 7:12
  • B PPG Rick Vaive (Adduno, Hartsburg) 15:33
  • Second period
  • Q- Real Cloutier (Leduc, JC Tremblay) 4:15
  • Third period 
  • B- Louis Sleigher (P.Henderson, B.Stephenson) 8:59
  • B- Rick Vaive (Hartsburg, Adduono) 17:04
  • Q – Marc Tardif (Leduc, Lariviere) 17:14
  • B- PPG Michel Goulet (Hartsburg, Vaive) 18:49

1980 Winter Olympics. Romania at Netherlands.

1980 Winter Olympics. Romania 2 at Netherlands 1  (shootout). The Netherlands struggled to score all game long and with just 2:28 to play put on past Netedu to tie the game up at 1-1. But no one would score in the final minutes to set up a five man shootout. In the shoot out, nobody scored except for one player. That was Cazzcu of Romania and the Romanians advance to the next round with a big 2-1 win in a shootout. Finals shots favoured Netherlands 25-19 but Romania had more goalie ratings 4-3. Netedu stopped 24 shots from the Netherlands and was 2/3 on goalie ratings. Lenssen stopped 18 Romanian shots and was 3/4 on goalie ratings. Powerplays: Rom 0-2 , Neth 0-3. There were a ton of penalties in this game was Costea , R and de Graauw, N fought once and then had another four minute penalty skirmish. Klooster, N and Halauca, R also battled twice which saw them sit eight minutes in the box on two occasions in this rough game.

  • R- S.Gall (E.Antal, Axinte) 3:16
  • Second period
  • No scoring
  • Third period
  • H- Vangog (de Graauw) 17:32
  • Shootout (5 shots each) 
  • R- Cazacu goal


1980 Winter Olympics 

1980 Winter Olympics… West Germany vs Netherlands.

1980 Winter Olympics… West Germany 4 vs Netherlands 6.. What looked like an easy win for the Netherlands turned into a wild scoring fest in the third period. The Netherlands were leading 3-1 going into the final frame before six goals were scored, three by each team. Germany shocks the home team by scoring three times in the first sixteen minutes to take a 4-3 lead with just 3:15 to play.

But in the next 3:15 the Netherlands turned it on and they scored three times , two by de Heer, as they come from behind to pick up a huge 6-4 win to advance in this tournament. Shots WG 25, Neth 20 . goalie ratings WG 6, Neth 7. Powerplays. WG 0/2, Neth 1/3.  Goalies Ger: Suttner , Neth: Lenssen

  • G- M.Kuhl (Phillip, Truntscha) 3:13
  • N- Van Wieren (Peternovsen) 7:54
  • Second period
  • N- DeGraauw (de Heer) 2:55
  • N- PPG Klooster (VAn Wieren, Janssen) 12:12
  • Third period
  • G- Reil (Scharf, Meitinger) 7:52
  • G- Horst-Peter (Phillip, Keisling) 16:39
  • G- Trunstscha (Kuhl) 16:45
  • N- De Heer (de Graauw) 17:00
  • N- de Heer (de Graauw) 18:34
  • N- de Graauw (de Heer, Van Gogg) 19:01
1980 Winter Olympics


1980 Winter Olympics Norway at Romania

1980 Winter Olympics Norway 1 at Romania 3. Romania breaks a 1-1 tie with two late goals to give them a big 3-1 win over Norway. Olenici and Costea score late in the third period to give the Romanians the victory. Romania outshot Norway 23-14 and goalie ratings were even at 2-2-. Powerplays. Nor 0-1, Rom 1-5. Martinsen stopped 20 shots for Norway and 0/2 GR. Netedu stopped 13 Norweigan shots and was 1/2 on GR. The top line of Romania (Olenici-Costea-Axinte ) outplayed the Norweigans top line (Myhre-Johansen-Nilsen) and was +2.

  • First period
  • No scoring
  • Second period
  • R- PPG Costea (S.Gall) 17:33
  • Third period
  • N- Sethering (Foyn) 10:15
  • R- Olenici (S.Gall, Costea) 12:59
  • R- Costea (S.Gall, E.Antal) 17:32
1980 Winter Olympics

2021 Strat Stanley Cup. Best of three. Game 3. Edmonton at Colorado.

2021 Strat Stanley Cup. Best of three. Game 3. Edmonton at Colorado.. The winner of this one wins the Stanley Cup and from the outset it was all Colorado. The Avalanche have a dominant first period scoring three times to take a quick 3-0 lead after one period and then then cruise to a rather easy 4-2 win. Colorado out shot Edmonton 40-26 but hte goalie ratings were the same, 6-6. Andrei Nichushkin was the big hero for Colorado scoring twice in the first period to earn the first star. Samuel Girard had three assists to earn the second star. Donskoi had two points to earn the third star. Powerplays: Both teams 0-1. Mike Smith 4/6 on GR and 36 saves. Grubauer 5/6 on GR and 24 saves.

  • C- Donskoi (Burakovsky, Makar) 9:34
  • C- NIchushkin (Girard) 11:12
  • C- Nichushkin (Girard) 15:53
  • Second period
  • E- Yamamoto (Draisaitl, McDavid) 0:13
  • Third period
  • C- Burakovsky (Donskoi, Girard) 14:21
  • E- McDavid (Yamamoto, Nurse) 15:15











2021 Strat Stanley Cup Final. Game 2. Colorado at Edmonton

2021 Strat Stanley Cup Final. Game 2. Colorado 3 at Edmonton 2.  The best of three final is now tied 1-1.  The Oilers dominated the first period by a long shot as Colorado never had their first shot on net until just 7:26 left in the period. But the Avalanche get a goal from Donskoi midway through the third period to tie it, and then Gabriel Landeskog scores with just seconds left to give the Avalanche the win, and force a third and final game back in Colorado! WOW! The visiting team from Colorado won a close one against the OILERS by the score of 3 to 2. GABRIEL LANDESKOG scored the game’s final goal at 19:14 of the 3rd period. Other goal scorers were VALERI NICHUSHKIN and JOONAS DONSKOI for Colorado and CONNOR McDAVID and ALEX CHIASSON for Edmonton. With the road victory  Colorado has now recorded 12 wins and 25 points for the season.

SHOTS                          1  2  3  OT F
Colorado AVALANCHE 2 10 11 0 23
Edmonton OILERS       21 8 12 0  41